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January 23 2015

January 22 2015

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January 17 2015

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Mason, the hero that Philly deserves
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Oh yeah everyone come visit me and let’s get Rosa’s

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January 14 2015

Gestern marschierten sie noch alle für die Pressefreiheit, ...

Gestern marschierten sie noch alle für die Pressefreiheit, heute:
French comedian Dieudonné arrested as “apologist for terrorism” after Facebook post

Dieser Typ ist wohl bekennender Antisemit, insofern hält sich mein Mitleid jetzt in Grenzen. Aber ich hätte schon gedacht, dass die da ein paar Tage Zurückhaltung einlegen würden in Sachen Verhaftungen von Karikaturisten und Satirikern.

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January 12 2015

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It turns out that world leaders did not "lead" the #CharlieHebdo marchers in Paris but conducted a photo op on an empty and heavily security-guarded street. The disconnect between ruler and ruled in the modern world can't get any more metaphorical and satirical. via Amro Ali auf Facebook
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January 11 2015

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January 10 2015

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January 08 2015


January 06 2015

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December 31 2014

yolo (git style)
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December 24 2014

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A VERY ZOMBIE HOLIDAY (Instructional video) - YouTube
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December 23 2014

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▶ Sector 9 x Sunset - Glow Wheel Fundamentals
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December 20 2014

December 16 2014

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▶ Extreme wheelbarrowing
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December 14 2014

Interessante Statistik über das US-Budget:Adding that ...

Interessante Statistik über das US-Budget:
Adding that to the explicitly military and overseas contingency funding, the real dimensions of the US military-intelligence-police-prison complex begin to come into view: a staggering $830 billion, more than 80 cents out of every dollar in the funding bill, is devoted to killing, spying on, imprisoning or otherwise oppressing the people of the world, including the American people.
Schade, dass es für solche Erkenntnisse die Sozialisten braucht. Wieso ist das nicht die Titelseite der New York Times?
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December 11 2014

Margaret Hamilton , Project Apollo lead software engineer, showing off her source code
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December 10 2014

happy human rights day everyone
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December 09 2014

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preparing for ze christmas
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