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October 24 2014

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When a Muslim fraternity from the University of Texas at Dallas took to the streets to protest against domestic violence, these striking pictures made waves around the world. Muslim America rocks — we just don’t hear about it often.

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October 22 2014

What Happened To Women In Computer Science?
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A map of every car bomb explosion in Baghdad since 2003.
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October 19 2014

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Demo: Solidarität mit den angeklagten Refugees im Fluchthilfeprozess!
Smash 114 FPG – Decriminalize Migration
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This is how they advertise cough drops in Finland

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October 18 2014

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October 17 2014


October 16 2014

"Maschinen nehmen uns die Arbeit weg!

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"The Polygon Nuclear Test Site 1 (After the Event)," Kazakhstan (2011); photo by  Nadav Kander

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October 13 2014

Die Deutsche Bank hat ihre Bankster-Boni daran gekoppelt, ...

Die Deutsche Bank hat ihre Bankster-Boni daran gekoppelt, dass minimale Ethik-Standards eingehalten werden müssen. Ergebnis: Die Bankster rennen reihenweise weg. Es reicht halt nicht, denen die Boni zu streichen, die müssen alle hinter Gitter.
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October 12 2014

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▶ Rolo Tomassi - Empiresk
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