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July 27 2015

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This is really powerful.

Oh my god, this is such a perfect way to make a statement.

Reblogging this again because it’s so fucking good

this is fucking amazing

i’ll never not reblog

It is the civic duty of a female to reblog this, regardless of blog style.

July 24 2015

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July 19 2015


July 13 2015

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July 12 2015

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July 09 2015


July 08 2015

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June 25 2015

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A simple guide to picking a great color palette. No matter what the colors are, using colors that are certain distances from each other on the color wheel result in a great contrast of colors. The simple color schemes shown above are used in the most popular logos, posters, websites, paintings, and even movies and television.

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Nach alter Tradition...

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June 23 2015


it shouldn't be illegal to show hair

Iranian women kicking ass and making feminist history!!!

I love how the women who *choose* to wear the hijab show solidarity to the ones who demand not to be forced to wear it.

June 22 2015


June 21 2015

June 19 2015


June 18 2015

Oil companies don't advertise like they used to...
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June 13 2015

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June 11 2015

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Police the Police - (A Community Project)
This guy did nothing wrong and has 4 bullet holes in him now.

Police are the real terrorists.

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June 10 2015

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