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July 28 2014

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July 26 2014


July 25 2014

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matematyka w fizyce
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--GeorgeTakei on Twitter
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July 23 2014


Takes your rss-feed (under Admin => Privacy => Export) and wget's all the content :).

thanks @neingeist
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July 21 2014


nowinexile says: Israel is using flechette shells which contain 5000-8000 of these metal darts which explodes in the air and releases these projectiles and disperses them in a conical arch 300 meters long and about 90 meters wide with the sole purpose of targeting every civilian in the parameter and producing the largest number of casualties. This is israel!

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First NBC News pulled Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza after he tweet about the brutal murder of the children playing soccer on the beach near where foreign journalists were staying and now CNN removes Diana Magnay after she tweets her disgust at crowds cheering on the hills of Sderor as rockets are dropped on Gaza.

How much truth do you really think the media wants us to know?

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Leave your house now!
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July 20 2014

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"Former laser physicist turned artist, Tom Beddard, has created these incredible fractal models. They are 'truly fractal', because you can see more and more detail, the closer you peer down onto the surface."
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